Second Jennifer Lawrence Photo Hacker Sentenced

A CHICAGO man accused of hacking into Jennifer Lawrence’s private accounts has been sentenced to nine months in prison. The Oscar-winning actress was one of 30 celebrities who were targeted by Edward Majerczyk, who stole their personal data, including nude pictures and videos.

While he pleaded guilty to illegally accessing the accounts and obtaining them without permission, he was not sentenced for any part in sharing online or selling the pictures that he had admitted stealing. A spokesman for the US attorney’s office in Los Angeles told the Chicago Tribune that the investigation into who was responsible for the leak was ongoing.

Majerczyk revealed that he sent phishing emails to his victims, which compelled them to enter their usernames and passwords on a third-party website, the plea agreement states, before he used the login details to access the accounts and obtain private information about more than 300 victims. Although he could have been sentenced to up to five years in prison, his lawyers argued that since the images were “for his personal use and viewing only,” the sentence should be reduced.


The mitigation is likely to be cold comfort to Lawrence, who likened the breach of her privacy to a “sex crime”, revealing that she felt “violated” by the ordeal.


Credits: Vogue

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